About Us

DeBra-Kuempel is the largest mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) services contractor in the tri-state area. We blend the talents and depth of knowledge from being in the MEP services industry for over 70 years among more than 800 capable employees.

A Mechanical Construction Company Offering a Complete Range of MEP Services

Our expert service teams make us a competitive choice among commercial HVAC companies.

In today’s environment, competing effectively means running your business with maximum efficiency and cost control. Yet, many companies fail to do this by using multiple vendors to analyze equipment breakdowns and find the root cause of their problems. This means contacting various vendors, explaining the issues, reviewing estimates, and managing their work—a very time consuming process.

Our experts can determine the exact cause of your problem and create the right preventive and predictive maintenance solution to return you to full productivity.

But we do more than just identify the problem; we fix it and verify the results. Our complete in-house capabilities enable us to implement our solutions by providing:

  • Design/Build and value engineering support
  • Energy management, including energy recovery solutions
  • HVAC systems
  • Industrial chiller and commercial chiller services
  • Air and water TAB
  • Electrical (low- and high-voltage) support
  • Process pipe and sheet metal fabrication and installation
  • Plumbing systems and Dunham-Bush plumbing solutions
  • Building automation control system design, installation, and maintenance

And once the problem has been solved, our experts can verify the results, proving that you’re achieving the cost savings you expected.

As a single-source facilities maintenance company, DeBra-Kuempel provides a wide range of commercial mechanical and electrical services, including industrial HVAC services and maintenance, facilities services, building automation systems, plumbing, process piping, thermal imaging services, energy services, and more.

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