Supplier Diversity

DeBra-Kuempel’s Commitment to Building Stronger Business Communities

DeBra-Kuempel’s superior client savings starts with our passion for supplier diversity in providing our wide-range of mechanical and electrical services, such as HVAC retrofitting, plumbing services, facilities maintenance, construction engineering and more.

Business Case

Valuing and creating diversity among our suppliers is driven by two key business needs. The first need is to support a supplier base that matches the objectives of our customer base. Supporting a diverse supplier base keeps us connected to our customer base and helps us to meet our corporate responsibility of giving back to the community. The second need relates to the supply management function of identifying and implementing creative initiatives that drive cost out of the supply chain. The source of these new thoughts and ideas comes from collaborative work between buyers and suppliers with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

Mission Statement

DeBra-Kuempel is committed to supplier diversity business practices that ensure minority business participation in an open, fair and inclusive purchasing environment. We believe that expanding our qualified minority supplier base and sharing supplier diversity best practices not only makes good business sense but is also the right way to build stronger business communities.

Supplier Diversity Policy Statement

It is the policy of DeBra-Kuempel, through its supplier diversity program to increase the business opportunities for certified minority businesses. Our commitment is to maximize certified minority business participation through the development of mutually beneficial business relationships with these firms. The policy guides sourcing activities throughout the entire organization.

This program has been developed not as a response to outside regulatory agencies or mandatory requirements, but as an effort to recognize and support programs that reflect the population mix of our society.

We support and encourage company-wide participation in seeking out and taking the steps necessary to assure that these businesses have a fair opportunity to participate in available business. The use of minority business enterprises must be a function of our normal purchasing policy and procedures, just as equal employment opportunity must be an integral part of normal personnel policy and procedures.

The coordination efforts will continue to be vested with the Purchasing Department; however every employee who is delegated the responsibility to either directly or indirectly commit the expenditure of funds for the purchase of goods and services is charged with the task of making our corporate objective a reality. The Director of Purchasing is charged with the specific responsibility of administering this policy for DeBra-Kuempel.

Supplier Diversity Program Goals

DeBra-Kuempel's primary goal is to increase our spending with certified minority businesses while achieving supply enabled savings for DeBra-Kuempel and our clients. To achieve this primary goal we will implement a comprehensive supplier diversity program that enables us to identify qualified minority candidates, establishes annual minority spend goals and regularly monitors and reports our performance relative to those goals.