BIM/CAD Services

DeBra-Kuempel uses state-of-the-art technologies to help ensure that total mechanical solutions address the full lifecycle requirements of facilities.

Using BIM and CAD technologies, the DeBra-Kuempel team can help deliver a project faster and more cost effectively than what is typically possible with other project management strategies. Working in collaboration with other project team members, DeBra-Kuempel BIM specialists build the integrated graphics and data system needed to assess a facility through three-dimensional visualization.

DeBra-Kuempel can also work with consultants to produce the required contract documents, resulting in a seamless BIM experience.

Efficient BIM System Planning

Before construction begins, the DeBra-Kuempel team can help identify and resolve potential conflicts. DeBra-Kuempel can also evaluate various system and equipment options to find the best solutions and develop efficient trade and purchasing schedules. Then, when the building is turned over to the owner, data included within the BIM system can be used to enable more efficient facility management.

DeBra-Kuempel also uses a common database for CAD estimating, plumbing, and sheet metal prefabrication systems. This is valuable because it:

  • Reduces project costs
  • Helps reduce conflicts in the field
  • Increases site safety
  • Helps optimize prefabrication designs for manufacturability
  • Provides efficiencies when manufacturing large runs for just-in-time delivery

Contracted BIM/CAD Specialists

DeBra-Kuempel doesn’t subcontract BIM work—all BIM experts are contracted employees. As part of EMCOR Group, Inc., DeBra-Kuempel has access to over 400 BIM professionals within the EMCOR knowledge network. This gives DeBra-Kuempel the extensive resources needed to deliver BIM projects of virtually any size or complexity.

Contact DeBra-Kuempel today to receive BIM/CAD services from a highly trained network of employees using cutting edge technologies backed by an efficient and highly optimized consultation process.