Chiller Services

Chiller Services

We offer chiller services and chiller maintenance for York chillers.

As the Ohio, Kentucky, and tri-state region's largest independent chiller group, DeBra-Kuempel's EPA-certified and factory-authorized experts are your single source for comprehensive, high-quality industrial chiller and commercial chiller services.

Chiller Services & Chiller Maintenance

We are brand neutral and we have vast experience with chiller repair, chiller maintenance, and chiller services on:

  • Carrier chillers
  • Dunham Bush chillers
  • McQuay chillers
  • Trane chillers
  • York chillers

Chiller EDGE – Advanced Chiller Efficiency Testing Program

And for increased chiller performance, we offer DeBra-Kuempel’s Chiller EDGE, a computerized advanced chiller efficiency-testing program. Through this program, we evaluate your chiller's operating efficiency and identify any chiller repair, chiller services, or chiller maintenance needed to improve it.

Once we've made the industrial chiller system improvements, we re-test it to ensure that you are getting the energy benefits you expected.

It’s a comprehensive package of expert high-quality chiller service designed to keep your facility comfortable and productive. At the same time, these services can lower energy and operating costs while extending your equipment’s useful life.

Our comprehensive chiller service and maintenance includes:

  • Absorption, centrifugal, reciprocating, and screw machine
  • Customized chiller system preventive maintenance programs
  • Chiller tube cleaning and repair
  • Non-destructive chiller efficiency-testing services, including:
    • Eddy current tube analysis
    • Infrared scanning
    • Refrigerant analysis
    • Spectrographic oil analysis
    • Vibration analysis
  • Refrigerant conversion services
  • Retubing services
  • York chiller maintenance and York chiller service
  • Industrial chiller system & equipment retrofits
  • Tube cleaning services
  • Temporary commercial chiller installation

Contact us to learn more about our chiller services and chiller maintenance and how they can extend the life of your equipment by servicing your chiller system.