Fire and Smoke Dampers

DeBra-Kuempel is a single source solution for fire, smoke, and combination damper services.

Fire, smoke, and combination dampers play a critical role in containing fire and some to help protect occupants and prevent costly damage. In the event of a fire, these dampers are an essential component to a building’s safety.

Dampers act as “first responders” to a fire, instantly activating at the initial signal of heat. They interrupt the airflow of smoke, resist the passage of fire, and maintain the integrity of fire separation.

Proper operation of fire and smoke dampers may mean the difference between a ‘nuisance fire’ and a fire with disastrous consequences.

Building Code Compliance

Per NFPA 80 and NFPA 105, building owners are responsible for having inspections performed one year after installation and every four years thereafter.

Failure to comply may result in a voided insurance policy, lawsuits, financial loss, and even criminal violations. The safety experts at DeBra-Kuempel help a company maintain compliance with all necessary codes and regulations.

Certified Inspection Services

The technicians at DeBra-Kuempel are trained to inspect, test, maintain, and repair dampers to help ensure there is no damage or interference due to rust, bending, and misalignment, which can restrict movement. They assess a building’s equipment and identify the optimal fire safety option.

DeBra-Kuempel is one of the only ICB/TABB-certified HVAC Fire Life Safety Contractors in Ohio and Kentucky trained to inspect, test, maintain, and repair fire and smoke dampers.

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