Single-Source Vendor Solutions

In today’s environment, competing effectively means running a business with maximum efficiency and cost control.

Yet, many companies fail to do this by using multiple vendors to analyze equipment breakdowns and find the root cause of their problems. This means contacting various vendors, explaining issues several times, reviewing estimates, and managing their work.

Furthermore, once equipment has been analyzed, downtime often continues while companies find electrical, mechanical, and other professionals to fix the problem, all of whom require the same time-consuming and costly management process.

At DeBra-Kuempel clients move from predictive maintenance (PDM) to the more productive and cost-effective total productivity maintenance (TPM).

Cost Saving TPM Benefits

The result of DeBra-Kuempel’s all-in-one services is true TPM with all of the benefits that implies, such as:

  • Increased productivity
  • Minimal emergency and unscheduled maintenance procedures
  • Less waste of materials
  • Enhanced efficiency and product quality
  • More efficient “just-in-time” manufacturing
  • Lower costs

If a company is incurring time and expense associated with maintaining equipment through multiple vendors, DeBra-Kuempel’s seamless, single-source solution can take maintenance programs to a higher level—the TPM level.

“One-Stop-Shopping” and Single Source Solutions

DeBra-Kuempel is a single-source provider of end-to-end maintenance services, from leading-edge problem analysis to high-performance problem resolution. DeBra-Kuempel self-performs virtually all of today’s most advanced problem identification procedures, such as:

  • Vibration analysis
  • Field balancing of rotating machinery
  • Infrared thermography of electrical and mechanical systems
  • Laser alignment
  • Data logging (amperes, volts, temperature, humidity, on/off events, air & water flow, etc.)
  • Root cause analysis

Using these procedures, the experts at DeBra-Kuempel can determine the exact cause of a client’s problem and create the right solution to quickly return them to full productivity.

DeBra-Kuempel can then provide the quantitative analysis required to assess the solution’s potential value, so clients can cost justify decisions.

And once the problem has been solved, the professional team at DeBra-Kuempel can verify the results, proving that clients are achieving the cost-savings they expected.

Alongside all of this comes ongoing performance monitoring to ensure that savings continue to accrue. That means clients get an efficient, seamless and practical solution that keeps systems running reliably and productively, so they can focus on their core business and its success.

DeBra-Kuempel’s complete in-house capabilities enable them to implement solutions by providing:

  • Design/build and value engineering support
  • Energy management, including energy recovery solutions
  • HVAC systems
  • Chiller services
  • Air and water TAB
  • Electrical (low and high-voltage) support
  • Piping and sheet metal fabrication and installation
  • Plumbing systems
  • Building Automation Control system design, installation and maintenance

Contact DeBra-Kuempel today to increase efficiency and productivity, cut costs, and compete more effectively.