Tablet Technology

DeBra-Kuempel has deployed tablet computers to field staff, creating a paperless work order management system.

The DeBra-Kuempel team now has hundreds of tablets being used in the field. Evidence suggests that mobile field technology increases technician productivity up to 20 percent by eliminating paperwork and providing direct access to information such as maintenance histories, on-site procurement reminders, and access to customized applications to help complete work more safely and efficiently.

DeBra-Kuempel’s tablet technology solution helps technicians service customers faster and more effectively, which helps provide improved facility operations and higher levels of productivity to customers so they can focus on their day-to-day business.

DeBra-Kuempel’s tablet technology includes:

  • Equipment catalogs with service diagnostics
  • Client signature capture to help eliminate billing disputes
  • Technician call status and location
  • Web-based customer access
  • Automation of costly, unproductive paper-intensive processes
  • Wireless transfer of service tickets and time sheets
  • Instant wireless dispatch of work orders to technicians
  • Instant access to job site and work order history
  • Equipment inventory for maintenance contracts
  • Reporting of repairs found by technician, job site, date, etc.
  • Wireless messaging from technician-to-office
  • Access to industry-specific applications

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