Thermal Imaging Services

DeBra-Kuempel’s thermal imaging services have played a vital role in the facility maintenance programs and preventive maintenance programs of a variety of companies.

Using infrared sensors, thermal imaging equipment captures “heat pictures” to locate potential problem areas in your equipment.

Since operating temperatures often rise sharply prior to a failure, the ability to identify these “hot spots” early can provide highly effective preventive maintenance assistance.

Perhaps best of all, this thermal imaging technology can help you detect potential failures on a wide range of electrical distribution systems, electro-mechanical equipment, and process instrumentation.

It can also be used to assess HVAC systems, roofs, and insulation – the entire building envelope.

Using thermography, we can significantly improve your facility’s day-to-day operations and long term performance.

We use thermal imaging services to detect potential equipment problems.

Our thermal imaging services:

  • Enable image comparisons over a period of time, so you can detect and resolve problems before failures occur
  • Are performed while your equipment is in operation, without downtime or disruptions
  • Let facility maintenance service technicians evaluate normally inaccessible areas, substantially improving overall maintenance quality
  • Can be performed quickly, enabling operators to scan more equipment faster, further increasing your facility maintenance program’s reach and effectiveness

The result is a powerful leading-edge tool that can help you improve dependability, avoid downtime, and extend the useful life of your valuable assets.

Contact us today and learn how our thermal imaging service and preventive maintenance programs can save you from expensive downtime.